N1CAQ5Q Oak Brushed Matt
N1CABMM Oak White sand
N1CYBRAPH Oak Manoir Blush
N1CYBBRONH Oak Manoir Bronze
N1CYQ5Q Oak Manoir
N4CYNH Oak Manoir Natural
N3CYBDM Oak Manoir Cream
N3CYGEM Oak Manoir Exclusive Grey
N1CYBRNACH Oak Manoir Girly
N4CYBVH Oak Manoir Light White
N3CYBGP Oak Manoir Moonstone Grey
N3CYBP Oak Manoir Polar White
N3CYBUM Oak Manoir Pure
N1CY Oak Man Unfinished
N1CRQ5Q Oak Residence
N1CRBBURH Oak Residence Burgundy
N4CRGVH Oak Residence Light Grey
N4CRGMH Oak Residence Mineral Grey
N1CRBRM Oak Residence Smoked
N4CRBH Oak Residence Whitened
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The Noble range is enhanced by the highly resistant UltimTec® varnish.

Noble Classic single plank parquet is the ideal flooring for a high-quality interior design with a natural look.


Blond color tones of honey, wheat, and sunshine. Soft and golden shades to choose from, for floors conjuring up images of ancient castles, and of old stately homes, still very much alive and regaling us with tales of yesteryear. But these parquets in gold color tones can also infuse your living spaces with a modern touch, illuminating your life with natural shades. Whatever your style, rustic or contemporary, a fine BerryAlloc parquet in natural oak or beech will ensure your living space is invested with the harmony you are seeking.

100% produced in France, the Noble collection offers you a floor that is strong and longlived - the certainty of a durable and beautiful parquet.

  • Olağanüstü koruma: Aşınmalara karşı uzun ömürlü dayanım
  •  Parke'nin otantik yönü : 2 taraf derzli
  •  Güncel stillere uygun cila ve renk seçenekleri
  • Best Loc® X-Treme sayesinde kolay ve hızlı uygulama 


Best Loc X-Treme

For super-fast installation. Best Loc X-Treme® goes a step beyond the Best Loc® system. Not only does it have a considerably stronger locking mechanism, it is also easier to install thanks to its enclosed lip, which means that installation is up to 30% faster.


Lifetime guarantee on Loc

BerryAlloc offers lifetime guarantee for residential use on its locking system


Oiled finish

The parquet is impregnated with a top quality oil to nourish the material and reinforce the protection.


Natural Wax

The parquet is impregnated with top quality wax oil for an authentic and natural appearance. See this in the Factory, Lodge, Lodge XL, Noble, Noble XL, Heritage and Ecoforest ranges.


Ultimtec lacquer

Ultimtec® varnish establishes new standards for durability and strength. Thanks to its conclusive formulation of molecular nanotechnology, wear and scratch resistance (over 10,000 rpm Taber) has improved dramatically. Available in 3 finishes: satin, patina or matt can be found in the Heritage, Ecoforest, Millenium, Saga & Noble ranges.


Parement 14





Parquets de France

A question of origin : 100% Made in France.

Our parquets are certified "Parquets de France", a label guaranteeing you the choice of a quality product made with French know-how, a true added value. Invest in a long-term choice, guaranteed by the radical choice of raw materials and manufacturing in line with very demanding criteria.



PEFC™ means “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification” ( This guarantees that our product come from sustainably managed forests. BerryAlloc has been PEFC™ certified since 2007.


30 years Guarantee

30 years guarantee in normal, residential use. In addition, this guarantee is reinforced by a lifetime guarantee on the Best Loc®/Best Loc® X-Treme interlock system.

  • Ebatlar: 1180 x 164 x 14 mm  (Uzunluk x En x Kalınlık)
  • Paket ebatları : 8 plaka / kutu  (1,55 m²)
  • Palet ebatları : 66 kutu / palet  (102,17 m²) 
  • Dekor sayısı: 22
  • Yerden ısıtma uyumluluğu : Uygun
  • Yangın Dayanımı : Dfl – s1
  • Formaldehit : E1
  • Kilit gücü: Uzun taraf > 550 kg/m / Kısa taraf > 1000 kg/m
  • Termal Dayanım (meşe) : 0,080 m² K/W